Gifts are always greatly appreciated.  To help with ideas, we’ve put together a wish list for each member of the family, and one for the family as a whole.  The lists are on amazon, but similar products may be available at other stores.  

Stough Family Wish list - gifts for the household

These are generally higher priority than individual


Emily’s Wish list - also see Stough Family list; there

is a lot on that list that I’d like.

Tim’s Wish list at Amazon         at ThinkGeek

Tim also likes amazon gift cards... he adds them to his account and buys kindle books.

James’ Wish list - James is currently wearing size 5T shirts and 4T shorts.  He could use more 5T shirts (both short and long sleeve) and 5T jammies.  He could also use a few more 4T pants, preferably with an elastic waistband to make potty time easier for everyone.  James also enjoys playing with blocks, legos, and BRIO trains.

Eleanore’s Wish List - We probably have enough size 12 month clothes.  When we get to size 18months, we are looking for sturdy fabrics (jeans and khakis for pants) and items that can be mix-and-matched (denims, browns, tans).  For shirts, Eleanore looks good in blues, purples, and whites.  Well, she looks good in any color, but those are my favorites.  She wears both 1-piece footed jammies and 2-piece jammies.

College Savings - Both kids have a 529 account through American Funds.  Checks should be made out to ‘CollegeAmerica’ and sent to us.

Shopping Helpers


A friend of mine has started a website that will comb the internet for promotion & coupon codes, and automatically try them on your shopping cart.  Here’s how it works:

  1. 1)Download Google Chrome (a web browser, like Firefox or Internet Explorer)

  2. 2)Install the Honey Plugin

  3. 3)Do your online shopping using Chrome

  4. 4)When you get to checkout, a ‘Find Savings’ button will appear if the website is support.  Press it and see what happens!

I’ve tried it, and it works!

Amazon Wish Lists

Not only does Amazon have almost everything you need, now you can add items from other websites to your wish list, and keep everything in one place.  Here’s how it works:

  1. 1)Start your Amazon.com wish list

  2. 2)Download the Amazon wish list plugin (available for all browsers)

  3. 3)When you’ve found an items that you like, click the ‘a’ icon on your browser’s toolbar

Woodbury Village Mall

Our daycare, Woodbury Preschool Village, is affiliated with a shopping website.  If you start your shopping here, Woodbury gets a percentage.  It’s an easy way to fund-raise.